How to cajole your gf into giving your head?

We all love when girls suck our dicks, but it’s not every girlfriend who wants to suck from the get-go. But, if your sweetheart is averse in this regard, you should not lose your heart.

Just don’t lecture her but instead do some activities that will gradually make her more open to this sexual practice.

What to do?

First, buy some flavored lubricants for oral sex. This will surely turn your sexcapades into oral-first experiences since it’ll turn her into a tasty and pleasant treat, as opposed to a chore she has to do.

Second, watch some realistic porn.

For instance, videos with Brazzers pornstars. Help her understand that oral sex is an inalienable part of the sexual lifestyle for lots of couples out there.

Third, start with baby steps. Just her to take your dick for 2 seconds right in the middle of the vaginal sex, and then continue fucking her wet and hot pussy. After you do this for a couple of times, she might want to do this on her own, because it’s fun and it’s just something new. This way, she’ll gradually change her view on felatio to the opposite.